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Life Plus Fitness by Michelle Freeman

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Mansions at Sunset Ridge (fitness room)
Monday & Friday 9:30AM
Group: $15 per class (1 hr.)

Tuesday - Thursday 5:00AM
Personal Training: $70 per hours

Michelle Freeman . biography_________________________________________

Michelle Freeman is the owner of Life Plus Fitness and Extreme Fitness Blog. Freeman has become a well known trainer for leading her clients to weight loss success and giving them the power to bring sexy back. She is a certified personal trainer, certified pilates instructor, fitness model and mom.

Sculpting your body into a piece of art is a beautiful thing but feeling confident, gorgeous and handsome while doing it can be hard, until now. As your body changes your clothes get big and baggy. She doesn't just empower you to be healthy and fit but stylish as well.

The beginning of your new body, life and style is at your finger tips with Michelle Freeman.
Be inspired by her picks of trendy fitness fashion, chic every every day wear, classy evening wear and so much more.